i4e FAQ

  • Q: How do I delete a character?

    A: Swipe on the character name in the character list and the delete buttion will appear.

  • Q: How do I create a character without DDI Character Builder

    A: Complete the following steps

    1. On the import site enter your email address and click the login button.
    2. Click the new button in the lower right corner.
    3. Enter your characters name and class in the lower section and click the new button in the lower right.
    4. Fill in the other information about your character, pay particular attention to the hit point fields before attempting to import the character.
    5. Update the character after you make changes.
    6. From your device go to the character select screen and tap the import button, it should bring up the character you just created as an option now.
    7. Choose the character you wish to import.
  • Q: How do I import a Character Builder .dnd4e file

    A: Complete the following steps or watch this video

    1. Go to the i4e import site at i4e.cordax.net
    2. Enter your email address and click "Login"
    3. Click the "New" button in the lower right
    4. Click the "Choose File" button and navigate to your .dnd4e file and select it
    5. Click the "Upload" button
    6. Check the character on the import site to make sure all the information came through correctly, unfortunately the import process from a .dnd4e file is just a good first step, there will still most likely be some things you'll need to update.
    7. Go to the Settings app on your device and find the i4e section, enter the same email address you used in step 2
    8. Launch i4e and tap the import button, your character should now be listed there ready for import
    9. Select the character you wish to import and it will be imported into the i4e application
  • Q: Why doesn't all the information for powers get imported?

    A: Unfortunately, some of the information about powers aren't included in the .dnd4e save file mainly the following; description, range, keywords.

  • Q: After import my (weapon, implement, item, power, etc) isn't entered correctly

    A: Unfortunately the .dnd4e file doesn't include everything that would be useful for re-constructing a character, a lot of the import process is dependant on (hopefully) educated guesses to put the puzzle back together.

  • Q: How do I request a new feature?

    A: Send an email for each feature you'd like to request to i4e_bugz@cordax.net and they will be logged