D&D 4th Edition Character Sheet Replacement

The first app for your iPhone and iPod Touch that will track all your 4th edition D&D characters making it so you'll never be without your favorite character again.

Download on the App Store - $4.99

Now available on iPad.


  • Multiple characters (never be without your favorite character again as long as you have your iPhone with you).
  • Import characters from D&D Insider Character Builder .dnd4e files using the fully editable import site
  • Easily enter and track hit points, healing surges, power points, temporary hit points, milestones, action points, and item usage.
  • Track powers attack bonus, damage, and calculated critical damage.
  • Track power usage (All types of powers, as well as ones that burn healing surges or return hit points from their usage).
  • Easily accessible list of skills with the bonuses for your level and current ability scores.
  • Track Conditions, treasure, and experience


  • iOS 4.2+
  • iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad